We offer the Main Line community a complete list of winter services that include holiday lighting, season home decorations, snow removal, drainage and corrective pruning. These services can allow us to take care of your property all year round if needed.

Our Winter Services Include:

Snow Removal: Prior to commencing work, one of our specialists will visit your property and inspect the designated areas in order to provide you with the best service. Upon signing up for our service, we will carefully note all obstacles and other near by plantings that need attention to ensure safety and meeting your expectations. Relax and enjoy the snow while we take care of the rest!

Holiday Lighting & Home Décor:  Whether you are looking for an interesting new display or simply don’t have the time or energy to hang holiday lighting we can help.  We can use your displays or provide a turn-key solution that includes lights, decorations and other necessities (including extension cords, clips, hangers and timers).  We take the worries out of the holiday decorating process.

Drainage: Autumn rains can demonstrate weakness in your drainage system. We can provide a solution that will work with your landscape design while effectively resolving any water run-off problems.

Corrective Pruning:  Winter winds, heavy snow and ice storms can be a real threat to your property with dead or weakened branches. While trees and shrubs are dormant without leaves obscuring their structure, fall & winter are important time periods for corrective pruning.